Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trial Date Set For Express Scripts vs St. Charles Lawsuit

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

An April 2008 jury trail date has been set for the Express Scripts vs St. Charles lawsuit that was filed against the City in November of 2006.

The lawsuit was filed after the city rejected demands for $200,000 in damages that Express Scripts claim it suffered after the illegal signing of a contract by Mayor York without the approval of the city council.

In filings with the court the city has admitted that the Mayor signed the contract illegally in violation of the city charter and state statutes.

The contract, illegally signed by Mayor York on June 22, 2004, was not sent through the approval process and it could not be found in any records at city hall. Express Scripts furnished the city legal department with a copy of the signed contract.

This incident was the subject of several city council discussions during the term of the last city council but enough votes among council members could not be found to take action against the Mayor.

A federal grand jury subpoena was served on the city for records including those associated with the signing of this contract.

Further information can be found at in the search field enter Mayor York.