Saturday, November 10, 2007

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Once again I have to agree with Rory Riddler.

So glad you “stood up” for the much-needed arts, Rory.

From the Crescendo Concert series to Act II, Flood Stage, St. Charles County Symphony, Missouri Choral, (and other chorales and instrumentalists) all are needed: Lindenwood and the City Band, Jazz, Classical all, give to the well being of this town.

I’ve harped on the need to support them (no pun intended) and to attend the music, dance and voice.

I consider myself blessed.

Most of this is free or very inexpensive. May I continue to be entertained by these fine artists for a long time yet.
I applaud you all.

Lilah Contine

Dear Editor,

In March, the Saint Charles School District administration went before the school board with the bus plan for their new reorganization. This amazing plan, according to them, was capable of transporting the increased numbers of children, across greater distances, yet would not require any additional busses.

When this plan was finally revealed months later, this administration described the horrible retching noise that followed as just “a few hick-ups”, blaming the parents and children for the problems. As their plan continued to crumble, this administration decided they also needed to blame the bus drivers and the bus company.
We pay these administrator’s six-figure salaries and they bungled the most important aspect of their reorganization. This administration failed miserably then refused to take responsibility. In my book that makes them irresponsible, but it’s even worse.

In April, their financial officer said it costs this district about $50,000 a year for each bus. They are currently hoping to lease out a school they closed for $100,000 a year, the cost of two buses. If this administration had kept that school open, they could have left the fifth graders in the elementary schools, wouldn’t have needed to bus them and the other middle school children all over town. Instead of the 40+ buses they’re using now, they could have done it with 30, maybe even the original 25. This administration’s ill-conceived reorganization is wasting more than $500,000 on buses rather than saving money (and schools).

Since this administration can’t do the job they claimed they would do, can’t do the job they’re over-paid to do, then perhaps the best solution for our district is to not pay them at all. The only “children” to blame for this mess are the incompetents on Country Club Road.

Jim DuMontelle