Saturday, November 10, 2007

EDITORIAL _ County Executive Steve Ehlmann


A local publication came out with it’s Best Of list this past week. I was happy to see the best of sealant company listed. God knows we all sit down and worry who the best is in the sealant world. The one that made me laugh was the best local politician. Mayor York won again. I guess Lionel, Patti and the council are the only ones that get to vote. My bet is the publication couldn’t produce the proof that would support any of their best of list.

That being said, The First Capitol News is nominating, voting and proclaiming a victor in the First Capitol News best local political figure, and the winner is St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

Steve Ehlmann has quietly made his mark on St. Charles County and it’s a positive one. Steve Ehlmann has taken the Family Arena and turned it into a first class venue. Now the patrons choose who they see, not the County Executive.

Former county executive Joe Ortwerth censored the arena events and then the taxpayers had to pay the deficit. Steve Ehlmann has taken the hate for cities out of the county government. He understands he represents all the residents in the county and it’s not a city vs. county world.

County Executive Steve Ehlmann is a quiet politician and appears to be in politics for the right reason, to help and serve the public. For Steve Ehlmann it’s not about being named by a publication the “Best Of”. Nobody need vote in some bogus mail in Best Of contest. Nobody needs to act like the contest wasn’t fixed.

Our winner is a person who appreciates the history of the County and the people. Mayor York is so far out of Steve Ehlmann’s league she needs a telescope to watch the game. We are not going to ask our winner to purchase an ad nor our we going to try and sell ads to anyone for this bestowment upon Steve Ehlmann. But there was a St. Charles taxpayer paid for ad congratulating York for her winning. Wonder if that check and the other thousands to that publication are why she won? Mr. Ehlmann if you ever want to speak about this honor or any other subject please feel free to call.