Saturday, November 10, 2007

RAMBLING WITH The Editor Tony Brockmeyer

In 2008 the voters in St.Charles City will be asked to elect a new State Representative for the 18th District. I wish I could say that Tom Dempey's shoes will be hard to fill, but that would not be true. Tom wasted his political leadership capitol by focusing on special interests. As a matter of fact the entire Republican contingent wasted a lot of time and effort. The only interest they displayed was securing a job other than representing the people who voted them into office. Representative Carl Bearden is now a lobbyist, Representative Tom Dempsey left early for a State Senate Seat and State Senator Chuck Gross is now on the county government payroll.

So now that the Republican leadership has special interested our County and City we need to look for someone who can help represent the rest of us. There are two front runners on the Republican side for Dempsey's old seat. Matthew Seed is a newcomer, yet has made his presence felt. Seed has been involved in the lucrative money laundromat once run by Thomas Smith. Seed certainly understands the special interest needed to garner huge donations. Ann Zerr has the old line Republicans believing she can win. The name recognition certainly will help.

The Democrats have two trying to gain support. Mindy Primm a perennial candidate for higher office is on the short list. Mindy's dad, Jim Primm, was one of the most respected political figures in the county before his untimely death. That being said, Mindy is not her dad and she needs to try to get elected at the city or county level before going for the big seats. She would fit perfectly in a race against County Councilman Dan Foust or for the City Council.

Former St. Charles Police Chief Tim Swope has all but announced he is running and running hard as a Democrat. It appears the special interest politics of the Republican party has turned him off. Swope also experienced the politics of personal destruction the Republicans employed with his friend Joe Brazil at the receiving end. Swope has won county wide and is electable in the City.

So here is my prediction, Zerr vs. Primm, Zerr wins 51%-49%. Seed vs. Primm, Seed wins 51%-49%. Zerr vs. Swope, Swope 60%-40%, Seed vs. Swope, Swope 65%-35%. Pretty much a no brainier for the dems, Swope wins hands down.