Saturday, November 10, 2007

Business Owner Complains City Hall Plays Favorites

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

A St. Charles business owner, who for obvious reasons, does not want to be identified has complained to the First Capitol News that the people at St. Charles City Hall are playing favorites. That comes as no surprise as the First Capitol News has been reporting that for the past seven years.

This particular business owner said a member of the city staff threatened to send him to court and close the business if the banner, approximately 2 foot by 3 foot was not removed from the property. The banner, being used to announce a sale, was only up for a couple of days when the business owner was threatened.

“There are over 80 pods on the parking lot of Bass Pro along with boats and trailers but the city just lets them get by with it,” the business owner said. “And look at St. Joseph Hospital. I like the hospital and feel the folks there do a wonderful job providing health care for me and my neighbors but they have had two four story tall banners hanging on the west side of their building for over four years. The message changes but the banners remain. But when I put up a small banner to grow my business I am harassed. I complain to city hall and instead of my complaints being answered I get more harassment.”

Several months ago the First Capitol News made inquiries to the Community Development Department regarding the large number of pods being used by Bass Pro but the city has not yet responded to our inquiries. Another inquiry is being made to determine the legality of a large number of pods being allowed at Bass Pro for such a long period of time.