Saturday, November 10, 2007

Liquor Task Force Plans To Stop Binge Drinking On North Main

By Tony Brockmeyer

In a discussion regarding how to monitor whether licensed liquor establishments in the historic business district comply with the 51% food requirement, Councilman Richard Veit told the council,”The liquor task force is going to have a lot of suggestions. We are discussing cheap alcohol, in fact not allowing certain discounts. We will encourage people to have a high class outfit where they can charge an expensive amount for alcohol to discourage binge drinking.We may have very fine establishments that run afoul of the 51% food requirement. We will have some stuff on using fake ID’s to get into bars and stuff.”

In the past two weeks the city council has approved three new liquor licenses for the historic business district.

Complaints from nearby business owners have prompted councilmembers to take a closer look when new liquor licenses are applied for.