Saturday, June 23, 2007

Veit Uses Play On Words In Attempt To Fool Public

By Tony Brockmeyer

At the St. Charles City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, Councilman Richard Veit tried to pull a mask over the eyes of the public.

In the Column, Rambling With The Editor June 9th edition of the First Capitol News, we commented that Veit was apparently in the running to overtake Councilman Mike Weller’s record for being absent from council meetings. We mentioned that Veit has only been on the council for two months and he has already missed half of the regular meetings.

At Tuesday’s meeting Veit remarked, “I have only missed one council meeting since being sworn in not like what was reported in a local rag.”

This was a typical spin doctor trick by someone who believes they are smarter than the general public and can confuse them or have them believe half truths.

What Veit does not want the public to know is that he was absent from half of the regular council meetings. He missed the regular meeting at which he and the rest of the council were to be sworn in. Veit was on holiday in Sri Lanka. The rest of the council was in attendance and were sworn in.

Editor’s note - We would have expected Veit to be more original in his name calling. The First Capitol News has been called a rag and worse by those whose questionable activities we have been successful in exposing.