Saturday, June 23, 2007

St. Louis Symphony Plays One Hour In Frontier Park - Cost To Taxpayers $27,000

Mayor York Is On The St. Louis Symphony Board

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

On Sunday, June 17th, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra played for one hour in Frontier Park on the St. Charles Riverfront at a cost of $27,000 to the St. Charles taxpayers. This was the first time in approximately 17 years that the St. Louis Symphony has performed in St. Charles. The performance was well attended by the public.

The City Council approved payment of the contract with the Symphony at the June 5, 2007 council meeting . The contract called for a performance fee, and rental of lighting and sound equipment. It was not mentioned at that time that the Mayor was on the Board of the St. Louis Symphony. When some residents in attendance at the performance were told, they remarked they believed it was a conflict of interest and should be investigated.