Saturday, June 23, 2007

RAMBLING WITH The Editor Tony Brockmeyer

Will it be Green vs Dempsey in Senate Race?

Local Democrats are promoting former State Representative Tom Green as their candidate to face Republican Tom Dempsey in the upcoming state senate race. Dempsey will no doubt be the Republican candidate to fill the unexpired term of Republican Senator Chuck Gross who resigned his seat to be the assistant to St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlman.

The Governor will soon set a date for the special election. The Democrats Central Committee will select the Democrat candidate who will face off with Dempsey.

When contacted Tom Green told the FCN that if the right things fall into place he would be interested in challenging Dempsey.

Kielty Fails In Attempt To Have Devlin Trial Moved But Will Have Out Of County Jury Hear The Case

Michael Kielty, a local attorney, representing Michael Devlin, who has multiple charges of kidnapping, sodomy, child molestation, etc. in multiple counties, failed in his and his co-counsel’s attempt to have Devlin’s trial moved from Franklin County. The motion was denied by Franklin County Judge Stanley Williams.

Devlin, of Kirkwood, is charged in the kidnapping and sexual assault of Ben Ownby. He is also charged in Washington County for the kidnapping and sexual assault of Shawn Hornbeck who was found in his Kirkwood apartment along with Ownby. Hornbeck had been missing since 2002. A hearing is scheduled in Washington County on July 16. Kielty is also attempting to have the trial moved from Washington County. Devlin is facing federal charges for both incidents.

Kielty is a St. Charles attorney and the son of former councilman and political activist Ken Kielty.

Ken Kielty recently lost his bid to be elected St. Charles City Councilman for Ward 8. He was trounced by Michael Klinghammer in the April election.

Kielty along with St. Louis PR guru Glennon Jamboretz was involved with Mayor York in her alleged money laundering of taxpayer dollars. City money was allegedly passed through stealth companies connected with Jamboretz to a political committee started by Jamboretz and Kielty whose intent purpose was to recall St. Charles councilpersons. They then funneled the money to the recall group. After the laundered money was funneled to the recall attempts to remove Councilman Mark Brown and Councilwoman Dottie Greer by the Kielty committee, the committee was abandoned. The recall attempts were fraught with fraud and forgeries and arrests were made and more are expected. Jack Banas, St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney, is reviewing the investigative report submitted by the St. Charles police.

Last year a threatening phone call, traced to a phone registered to Ken Kielty, was made to local resident Bob Bredensteiner shortly after Bredensteiner wrote a letter in the First Capitol News regarding a pedophile priest at Borromeo Parish in St. Charles. Kielty was asked to come to the police station to be questioned and agreed. Later he refused to be interviewed on the advice of his attorney son.

Recently a article appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch regarding a pedophile priest who was at Borromeo at the time referred to by Bredensteiner in his letter. The Post article stated that two Bishops had been aware of the priest but had taken no action against him.

The First Capitol News was unable to determine if any threatening calls had been made to the Post reporter after the story appeared in the newspaper.

The Kielty family is known for threats. A candidate who had filed for the Council election for Ward 8 withdrew from the race after he said he received a threatening phone call from Ken Kielty.

Several years ago Attorney Michael Kielty made a threatening call to this newspaper after unflattering stories appeared about his father Ken Kielty. The phone call from Michael Kielty was recorded by our telephone system.

Several businesses have recently received threatening post cart cards because they have ads appearing in the First Capitol News. The threatening post cards have been signed Ken Kielty Family and also Tom Hayden. Hayden is a confidant of the Mayor and was Councilman Michael Weller’s campaign manager.

It has also been alleged that Hayden may be responsible for a vile blog site filled with lies and untruths.

Kielty operated the license office on Raymond Drive until Matt Blount was elected Governor. The office was then turned over to Ernie Dempsey of Pio’s Restaurant who owns the building on Raymond along with Kielty. Dempsey is the father of State Representative Tom Dempsey, majority floor leader of the Missouri House who is expected to be a candidate for Senate to fill the unexpired term of Senator Chuck Gross.

Local political sources have told the First Capitol News Ken Kielty is lining up people to work in the campaign of Attorney General Jay Nixon when Nixon runs for Governor. It is apparent his goal is to reclaim the license office.

We know that Ken Kielty is originally from New York and his girth is approaching that of Tony Soprano, however, someone needs to tell him that Sopranos is a fictional television show and if he continues to threaten and harass people he could be subject to arrest and confinement.