Saturday, June 23, 2007

Comments & Commentary by Charles Hill

Okay, I’ve been pretty patient with the newly elected officials. I wanted to let them get their sea legs before really putting them to the test. Now it’s time to begin to hold them accountable to those who put them in office. Richard Veit, where did you go to law school and where did you learn civics?

After speaking to members of the Frenchtown Association, as well as those who live in the ward, I have to say you have the most warped sense of duty as an elected official I have ever heard. “I’m one member of a greater collective body”, what are you a borg? Of course that is in reference to the borg in the new Star Trek adventures. They were a collective without any individual thought. I guess that’s easier for Richard. Also, Richard you have now missed more meetings in the first three months than former councilman Rory Riddler did in three years. Will you give the taxpayers their money back for missing those meetings or did you cash your check from the city?

Veit has been noted as telling those in his ward that he is the legislative branch so if they have problems with trash pick up or streets, sidewalks, etc.they need to call the administration not him. And he waits several days before he returns their calls to tell them that. Richard, if you earned a law degree one would think you had to take some Political Science courses. In those courses one would hope that you learned your duty as an elected councilman is to represent the people of your ward; not only by enacting laws that help create a higher quality of life, but you are to also act as oversight of the administrative branch. It’s that pesky checks and balance. We see it daily from a very large body of legislature called Congress. Daily they have committee meetings where they question departments on how they are doing.

If I hear one more person on the City Council say something about micro managing I think they should all be kicked out of office. Asking questions and holding the staff accountable is not micro managing. Not standing up to the Mayor and letting her fire the Chief of Police and letting her balloon the administrative budget is dereliction of duty. You sat by and violated the trust the people placed in you to hold the Mayor and the executive branch of government accountable.

Richard, you have a lot of learning to do if you really want to run for Mayor. By the way, remember that those people are pumping your ego for their own gain; they really aren’t in love with you. Also, what about the bar where you had your fundraiser and who is advertising on stlouis Do you think this is what your ward residents feel is appropriate on Main Street? I think you need to take a breath, leave the gentlemen’s club you belong to on Main Street above Rumples, and meet the real people in Ward 1. Those who are used to a councilperson who understood what a government of the people by the people meant.