Saturday, June 23, 2007

Residents Complain About Sidewalk Work & Councilman Veit

Residents Complain About Sidewalk Work & Councilman Veit

By Tony Brockmeyer

Residents in the 1100 block of Third Street are complaining about the quality of concrete work on sidewalks that are being repaired. Jim Dake told the First Capitol News that he had to make several calls to Councilman Richard Veit before any of his calls were returned. When he told Veit about the unacceptable concrete work he said Veit told him he was legislative not administrative. He said when he finally convinced Veit to respond to the site and view the work Veit told him it would be sometime the following week because he was busy.

Residents said that they had complained to a city inspector and were told that he would just have the contractor place another layer of concrete to try to correct the mess.

The First Capitol News attempted to contact Councilman Veit and he returned our calls two days later. Veit told the First Capitol News he was legislative not administrative and the people should call city hall. When we inquired about his statement that it would take a week before he could look at the problem he responded he had driven by after receiving our call.

Prior to Councilman Veit responding to the residents complaints, Deputy Mayor / Fire Chief Rhodes was contacted and addressed the problem for the residents.