Saturday, March 31, 2007

York distorts truth in political ad. GIESEKE Sponsored Eminent Domain Bill not Kneemiller

.In a recent political ad Mayor Patti York claims she and Councilman Bob Kneemiller were responsible for creating and passing eminent domain limitations. This ad is a blatant lie. Councilman John Gieseke and Jerry Reese co-sponsored the eminent domain bill passed by and signed by the Mayor. Gieseke wouldn’t comment to the ad but did tell the FCN, “the bill passed 10-0 and I was proud to sponsor it.” York has repeatedly claimed that it was Kneemiller's bill in an attempt to take credit away from Gieseke. Many of those in Frenchtown who we spoke to told the FCN that they know who the true champion of Eminent Domain abuse is. They told us without John Gieseke their property would have been taken by a developer.