Saturday, March 31, 2007

An Open Letter To St. Charles Residents from Councilman John Gieseke, candidate for mayor

Dear Residents,

I want to take this opportunity to explain my feelings regarding this Mayor race. When I first decided to run for Mayor many of those from whom I solicited counsel suggested I use negative ads against my opponent. I refused to do so. I have two kids and being negative would set an example from which I could never recover. Jack and Gillian would have been taught that the easy road of tearing one down to make yourself look better is the right road. I decided to teach them that communicating your vision and what can be, might be harder, but it’s the right thing to do.

In the past three days I have received mail from my opponent and her supporters that are full of distortions and untruths. My opponent signed a clean campaign pledge that stated, “I promise by my signature that my campaign, including myself and those who work in support of me, will NOT make untrue statements, either verbally or written, about my opponent in this campaign. Nor will I engage in personal or character attacks in any manner. I make these promises to the People of St. Charles.” I know I can look in a mirror and know I lived up to that promise.

This election is about you and the future of the City of St. Charles. How someone conducts themselves during a campaign is a good indicator of what they will be like in office. I would ask that you review every piece of mail you have received from me and compare them to my opponents. Not one piece of literature even mentions my opponent or attacks her.

On April 3rd we have a chance to tell those who would tear apart our neighbors, who’s only crime is to step up and be part of the solution by running for office, enough is enough. When your ballot goes in the box you can say no to negativity in City politics. A vote for me, John Gieseke, is the only new beginning we can take. Together we can do better, together we deserve better.

John Gieseke