Saturday, March 31, 2007

EDITORIAL - The Truth Is; Eight Is Enough



In the political world politicians often take credit for things they had little to do with. We find that to be happening in this Mayoral election.

The current Mayor would have you think if it weren’t for her, Ameristar Casino would not be in St. Charles. The truth is the owners of Stations Casinos are responsible for Ameristar being in St. Charles. The current Mayor is taking credit for rolling back taxes 12%. The truth is these rollbacks are required under state law; it’s called the Hancock Amendment. The current Mayor would have you believe she was in favor of the utility tax rebates. The truth is she fought against rebating all the taxes back for seniors.

The truth is sometimes hard to find in St. Charles politics but I think the best way to find the truth is simple. Look for the truth as you exit 5th Street and drive north. Look around and see if you think the current Mayor has passed or failed her beautification of St. Charles. Drive down First Capitol and look at the businesses she brags about bringing to St. Charles. Checks Cashed and pawnshops along the busiest road in St. Charles is not economic development. Drive down Elm Street, Deikamp Lane or Paula Drive and tell me if the current Mayor told the truth when she speaks about her road improvements.

No this Mayor has failed and eight years are enough.

On the other hand the City of St. Charles has someone running who has proven he will stand up for the residents. John Gieseke has proven that he can lead on the council and will lead this great city as Mayor. His ability to understand the business aspect is heads and shoulders above that of the current Mayor. Gieseke stood strong against the threat of eminent domain and lead the way to stop the use in St. Charles. Gieseke lead the way for real tax relief from the nuisance Utility Tax when all others had failed. This was tax relief for all and then he worked to get utility tax relief for seniors.

When it comes to understanding how you really relieve the tax burden on the residents Gieseke knows it takes real economic development. Gieseke’s ward has created more jobs in two years than the current Mayor has for the past 8 years. The investment in Gieseke’s ward will help grow the city’s economy and he did it all without any use of your tax dollars.

Gieseke has an unusual tactic when it comes to politics in St. Charles, he tells it the way it is and doesn’t lie about what he has accomplished. Gieseke is a refreshing change from our current leadership who has abused the position and used your taxes to further her political career. Leadership is hard to define and harder to find. If you really look at great leaders they seldom take credit as an individual. When you listen to Gieseke speak he always speaks in we’s and us, not I’s. That is a true testament to real leadership.

That is why this paper whole-heartedly supports and endorses John Gieseke for Mayor of St. Charles.