Saturday, March 31, 2007

Unsigned Campaign Mailer Violates Missouri Law

Unsigned Campaign Mailer Violates Missouri Law

A facsimile of United States currency was recently mailed out in the First Ward in a plain white envelope with no return address. The flyer is a negative campaign piece that attacks incumbent Councilman Rory Riddler. The flyer does not have a campaign disclaimer telling who paid for its production and distribution. That is a violation of State Law and has prompted a formal complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Every candidate running for office in the City of St. Charles voluntarily signed a Clean Campaign Pledge. Copies are on file with the City Clerk. The campaign flyer, however, contains nothing but distortions and personal attacks.

“You can readily tell the content is false because they waited till just a few days before the campaign to launch this negative attack,” explained Councilman Riddler, adding, “It appears to be the same big money special interests that tried to take over City Hall through forgery and lies last year, back at it again.”

Rory went on to say, “I kept my Clean Campaign Pledge. Every piece of literature I have sent out has been about my record and vision for the future. I believe that how you conduct yourself during a campaign is a test of character. Those responsible did not have the courage to sign their names to this literature, which I feel clearly demonstrates that the content is false and without merit.”