Saturday, March 31, 2007

The PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Editor’s note,
On March 16th a South Main business owner observed City Council Candidate Venetia McIntire for Ward 2 in what he described as unusual behavior and actions. He sent her the following letter to which he has not received a response. He is awaiting her reply.

Venetia McIntire
City Council Candidate, Ward #2
1014 South Main Street
St. Charles, MO 63301

Ms. McEntire;

I wanted to give you another opportunity to comment on what I observed you doing at 6:10pm Friday, March 16, 2007. The rude and unprofessional manner in which you answered my inquiry, is certainly worth our review.

I was on my way home from work on Friday, March 16, 2007, at 6:10pm. I knew this because I was on my phone at the time. It happens not to be just a simple phone, but a VIDEO & CAMERA phone. The quality of pictures are amazing!

I happened to see you walking a cute Labrador puppy between the 1014 and 1038 Block of South Main Street, in St. Charles, MO. We (My phone and I) happened to see you walk on several of the properties, take things from the buildings and remove items from some of the properties, all while allowing the puppy to do it’s puppy thing. Since you are a resident and Candidate for City Council Ward #2, I am requesting you to comment on the following questions and observations:

Why did you remove things from at least 2 buildings?
Why did you remove items from at least two properties? (The Bagged items)
Did you have permission to be on all the properties?
Did you have permission to walk your dog on all the properties?
Do you carry a scoop for the Puppy when you walk?
Why don’t you let the puppy do its business on your property?
Why did you set the ‘Bag’ you removed from the properties against the telephone pole at the corner of Main Street and Barbour Street when I confronted you?
Why was your answer “WHAT EVER!” and then stormed off yelling?
Is this the way you’ll behave and communicate to the citizens of Ward #2?

I am looking forward to your answers regarding your behavior and actions observed on Friday, March 16, 2007 at 6:10pm. I am a very concerned citizen of this Ward, and will give you reasonable time to respond before I review my options.

Respectfully Submitted,

David R. Campbell, Ward #2
Property Owner
To the editor,

Former Mayor Nichols has placed an ad in an out of town newspaper saying that Mayor York and John Gieseke didn’t look after the city’s “core”. I beg to differ.

John Gieseke has worked hard to get business and industry into St. Charles that would increase the tax base. This money is what is necessary to provide for the “core”. He has also worked to get our decrepit sewer system replaced. Is this not “core”? Is the upcoming replacement of Elm Street and the work done on Zumbehl Road not “core”?

Mayor Nichols apparently thinks that if you don’t reside between Tecumseh, Kingshighway, Boonslick and the river you don’t deserve to be heard. Maybe that’s why she didn’t win or place. Third place in racing is a “show”. Grace needs to look at a map. St. Charles has grown beyond Lindenwood College (Grace, it’s now even changed to Lindenwood University) . It even goes south of I-70.

She goes on to imply blame to Gieseke for anything that the council did that was not to her liking. John was only one member on the council. He wasn’t even the president. He was, however, one who asked the tough questions. Some of those questions helped transform our Public Works department into arguably one of the best in this state. They are easy to work with and very responsive to the residents.

She also said that Mayor York made some “mistakes”. No, mistakes are when you take a wrong exit off the Interstate. A mistake is when I make a typographical error. A mistake is when you show up for a three o’clock appointment at four o’clock.

When someone intentionally commits a wrong, it is no mistake. I get damned tired of hearing that a politician like Shaun Brown made a “mistake” in judgement or that when Leonard Little decided to drive drunk he made a “mistake”. No, Shaun Brown committed a crime. Leonard Little killed a human being. Both deserve prison time.

Mayor York’s deeds were not “mistakes”. She committed them with full knowledge that they were wrong, but committed them anyway.

Mayor Nichols, the implications in your ad in the out of town paper were wrong, but the ad was no “mistake”. I wonder why she didn’t think about the St. Charles “core” and place her ad in a local paper?

Now for my George Burns imitation:
Say goodnight, Gracie.

Jerry Haferkamp

To the Editor and Citizens of St. Charles;

Well, I might have known, because it happened during the last council election also. Someone runs against Councilman Riddler. They must think that they are better than him, since they are running. I think not.

I received, not once, but twice, through the mail, full postage, an election smear against Councilman Riddler. First of all, let me say that it was a really dumb attempt, because six reasons written on the back of this $1,000,000 bill were so small that most people couldn’t read it, if they tried.

Also, it is a shame that both of Councilman Riddler’s opponents have to be painted with the same brush (this smear), because now we won’t know which one is really that dumb. You see, I don’t live in Councilman Riddler’s ward. I’m glad to know that they spent $.78 trying to get me to not vote for someone that I can’t legally vote for anyhow.

The reason both opponents will appear guilty? The smear had no disclaimer, name or anything that could be used to identify them.

To all of those people who live in Councilman Riddler’s ward please allow me to make a suggestion to all of you.
First: VOTE FOR RIDDLER! Why? Because someone who likes to think that they would be better in this job has already proven their mistrust by smearing;

Second: AND they had no qualms about making the other opponent look as bad as they are by anonymously smearing;

Third: AND, in my opinion, if a person TRULY thinks that they are the best person for this job, they should feel confident of making others believe it without stooping to such disgraceful methods. If you can’t win with truth and honesty, STAY OUT OF IT.

I hope that you all feel as I do, that this person, who wants control over your standard of living, is a poor, pathetic, sad, little person. Much like the Yorks, Kieltys and their ilk. Sad.

Lynn Rush
Dear Tony,

Yesterday, March 26, 2007, we received our first mailer from Mayor York. There she was smiling to beat the band with 12 police officers. The ad went on to say that public safety is the most important service we provide. Once again I remember Mayor York’s favorite cop. Tommy Mayer. I also remember our City Administrator on the ground with a gun to his head. WHAT PROTECTION IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

Today’s paper, March 27, 2007, headlined YORK DENIES MAKING DEAL TO FIRE CHIEF. All of the council members are aware of her pledge to fire Chief Swope the day after she is reelected. It has made its way around town. Now we have a political news conference at City Hall. Mr. Gieseke is right the City Hall is no place for a political news conference.

Ms. York seems to fabricate her stories to meet her needs. Anything to win, huh?

I do have some burning questions.

Jane Horning