Saturday, January 20, 2007


What You Will Find On Our Web Log

If you are not checking our daily daily web log, you are missing your local news. We update the daily web log when breaking stories we believe will be of interest to our readers occur. Some of our recent entries have included:
*Duchesne Student Makes telephone Threat; In Police Custody charged with Felony
* Two Residents & Several Pets Escape Fire on le Chateaux Ct.
* Fire Damages Frenchtown Deli on Second Street
* Grafton Ferry Worker Killed - Hit By Car Leaving Ferry
* Dana Couch Charged In Home Invasion & Robberies
* County Executive Ehlmann Declares State of Emergency in St.Charles County
* St. Charles Emergency Operations Activated
* St. Charles County Opens Emergency Shelters
* Involuntary Manslaughter Charged in Death Of Lee Widaman
* Teacher Indicted Over $16,000 Missing Prom Money From High School

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Primary Election Costs Taxpayers $110,000

St. Charles residents may want to reconsider having a primary election in February to determine who the top two candidates will be in the general election in April. It was announced at the City Council meeting Tuesday evening that the primary election costs the taxpayers about $110,000. It might be time to consider a charter change to do away with this unnecessary expense and just let all the candidates face off in the general election.