Saturday, January 20, 2007

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor

The Fifty year Vision For Lindenwood University - How is LU doing?

The first premise of a viable institution is not to fix what is not broken. For the last 18 years, LU has grown into a proud, viable and premier institution of higher learning.

Lindenwood has now decided that their students need less attention, better ACT scores and less housing options for non-traditional students. The Dean of Campus Life was replaced by a controversial educator with no interest in student affairs and no experience. Admissions must now go to a more selective evaluation on admissions standards which will decrease the diversity of its’ population and the decision was made to build two more dorms for traditional students while tearing down the houses located south of First Capitol used for married, older adult and graduate students. These students do not want to live in a traditional dormitory.
There is talk of a reduced work load for instructors. It is rumored that there will no longer be a Success Center and students will not get the individualized education needed in today’s society. Students are now allowed to visit in the dormitory rooms removing the privacy they once had and has started with less than adequate monitoring for safety. The security force is usually limited to one staff person per shift through the night hours.

If there was ever a case for passion it would include Lindenwood University personnel under the director of an inspiring President. Today the fear of reprisal under the Acting President has left souls empty and helpless. Political gain now rules daily activities and the student does not come first. The fifty year vision is fading and the current administration should stop referring to what Dr. Dennis Spellmann left for them as their goal. It is obviously not the goal and it has become a hostile environment for anyone that really stands behind the principles masterfully created through extraordinary vision. Keep Lindenwood University Alive.
Passionate Observer