Saturday, January 20, 2007

24 File For 10 City Council Seats

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

When filing closed on Tuesday afternoon, twenty four St. Charles residents had filed petitions to run in the April 3, 2007 City Council elections. The candidate list provided below is a draft. It will be be certified by the City Clerk January 23, 2007. The incumbent in each ward is highlighted in bold.

Ward One - Rory Riddler of 736 Adams, Peggy Whetzel of 1017 North Third, Richard Veit of 515 North Fourth

Ward Two - Larry Muench of 703 S. Riverside, Venetia R. McEntire of 1014 South Main, Larry D. Willis of 213 Pike Street.

Ward Three - Mark Brown of 476 Pearl Ridge, Laurie Feldman of 137 Southern Oak Dr., Eric Frank of 291 Montclair Tower, David Burney of 424 Blanche Dr.

Ward Four - Bob Kneemiller of 8 Doc’s Court, Mike McMurran of 2804 LaBrea Drive

Ward Five - Michael T Weller of 2804 Kettering Drive

Ward Six - Jerry E. Reese of 1638 Rosewall Dr.

Ward Seven - No incumbent, Joseph F. Kloeppel of 2905 Concordia, Dave Beckering of 3013 Westminister, Don Borgmeyer of 1801 West Adams, Zack Smithey of 2620 Park

Ward Eight - No Incumbent, Kenneth M. Kielty of 1009 Devonshire, Michael Klinghammer of 804 Indian Hills

Ward Nine - Joe Koester of 1115 Olde Saybrook, Ron Stivison of 7 Prairie Haute

Ward Ten - Bob Hoepfner of 425 Nantucket, Erv Ermeling of 3248 Principia

Dottie Greer the Councilwoman for Ward Seven has decided not to run for reelection. Greer recently overcame an attempt to recall her that was wrought with fraud and forgeries. Mayor York and Kielty, who is running for Council in Ward Eight were both deeply involved in the attempt to recall Greer and Councilman Mark Brown of Ward Three.

Michael Klinghammer and Kenneth Kielty, candidates for election as Councilman for Ward Eight have previously served terms on the City Council.

John Gieseke, the current Councilman for Ward Eight is giving up his Council seat to run for the office of Mayor.