Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Editorial Endorsement Gieseke Is Only Real Choice For Positive Change

Councilman John Gieseke Candidate for Mayor of St. Charles
First Capitol News Photo by Bob Barton

Once every four years the citizens of St. Charles get to select their next Mayor. They look for someone of substance, integrity and experience to guide the ship of state.

Two of the three candidates for Mayor have already had their chance to serve as Mayor. Their respective records leave much to be desired.

Former Mayor Grace Nichols helped lead St. Charles into the costly Goldenrod Showboat debacle and the long closed miniature museum fiasco. These adventures cost taxpayers millions with little to show. They stand in stark contrast to Nichol’s claims of wanting to get a handle on city finances. When she was Mayor, Nichols fought hard to defeat a bill that would have prevented people living outside of St. Charles from serving on St. Charles boards and commissions.

Incumbent Mayor York has had two terms and eight years to make a difference. But she has squandered most of her time in office in senseless fights over the hiring of a Police Chief. Her signing of a $200,000 contract with Express Scripts, without Council knowledge or authorization, is just one of several concerns voiced by Missouri’s State Auditor. A Federal Grand Jury is looking into the illegal signing of the Express Scripts contract. The Prosecuting Attorney has authorized arrests in the criminal violation and widespread forgeries in the recall efforts of Councilmen Brown and Greer. The Mayor was deeply involved in both failed recall efforts. She allegedly diverted City taxpayer funds that were ultimately used in the recall efforts. She called a special meeting to accept the lowest bid for the sale of the former police headquarters when there was a larger offer on the table. The building was sold at a price much lower than the appraised value. She is also supported by millionaire developers who are building outside of our City but want the use of our City water and sewers. One of who has a million dollar lawsuit against the City costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. The Mayor and her friends have been quick to file lawsuits. She sued a member of the personnel board because she did not want him telling the truth. We could go on and on but suggest you go to the archives of the First Capitol News at for further examples of her time in office.

Which brings us to the third and best choice for Mayor. Councilman John Gieseke has not, to this point, had an opportunity to serve as Mayor of our fair community. For those looking for a new start, a new direction, John Gieseke is the logical and only choice voters will have to break with the current or past administrations.

That doesn’t mean he lacks experience. John Gieseke is a two-term member of the City Council and an active one, who isn’t afraid to speak up or break with the majority when he feels strongly about an issue.

Gieseke ruffled a few feathers at City Hall when he came out against the abuse of eminent domain. But he knew he stood with the people on the issue and didn’t give up until a strong bill, protecting the public interest, was passed.

John Gieseke has also stood strong against the undue influence of millionaire developers in decision making at City Hall. Millionaire developers spent a great deal of money trying to defeat John Gieseke for reelection, but John won reelection in his own ward with 65 percent of the vote.

John’s push for a second opinion on the sewage treatment plant expansions resulted in solutions that are millions of dollars less costly. Likewise, his push to have more competition for health care coverage has resulted in lower than expected health insurance premiums.

John Gieseke also helped sponsor increasing the utility tax rebate program for Senior Citizens.

John Gieseke has shown he is a supporter of economic development in order to lessen the tax burden on residents. He has enticed more new commercial development in his ward than all the rest of the wards. John Gieseke believes that business should be here to support the residents not the residents being asked to pay their tax dollars to support the businesses. His skills and business sense will go far to relieving the taxpayers of burdens.

John Gieseke has been a true FRIEND TO CITY TAXPAYERS.

The time is PAST for former Mayor Grace Nichols. Time’s run out for Mayor Patti York.

The time is NOW for a NEW MAYOR.

John Gieseke has been working for you as Councilman for Ward 8 and will continue working for you as Mayor of St. Charles.

The First Capitol News recommends voters support Councilman John Gieseke for Mayor in the City Primary election on Tuesday, February 6.