Saturday, January 20, 2007

Police Present Citizen Awards

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Recipients of the 2006 Citizen Awards presented by the St. Charles Police Department are pictured from left to right; Sherry Ermeling, Kathy Brasher, Joseph Lisalda, St. Charles Police Chief Tim Swope, Michelle McIntyre and Kara Borgsmiller, Not pictured, but receiving awards, were Joan Chehar and Jeffery Gierer.
First Capitol News Photo by Tony Brockmeyer

Story By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

Last Friday Chief of Police Tim Swope and members of the St. Charles Police Department made a Citizens Award presentation to several members of the community who were responsible in helping with the arrest of several individuals and the solving of several crimes.

St. Charles Police Chief Tim Swope told the First Capitol News, “We are very proud of these citizens. These people came forward and helped our department solve several crimes and apprehend the criminals who were responsible. We need the help of our citizens in fighting crime and we appreciate these outstanding people and hope that more of our residents take the time to notify us when they see any suspicious activity.”


On September 29, 2006 at approximately 6:30 p.m. an armed robbery occurred at the Super 8 Motel at 3040 West Clay. A suspect displayed a handgun and demanded money from the clerk. After obtaining the money from the motel’s cash register and safe the suspect fled from the scene.

St. Charles Police officers responding to the armed robbery and obtained a description of the robber. They were told the suspect was wearing a distinct sweatshirt bearing the letters “ECKO”. While conducting an area canvass they spoke to Joan Chehar a clerk at the nearby Save A Lot Store. She told the officers a person matching the suspect’s description had been in the store earlier and was wearing a red sweatshirt with the “ECKO” lettering. Subsequently, the store’s surveillance system contained video of the suspect as described by Joan Chehar.

The officers contacted two employees of St. Charles Printables, Sherry Ermeling and Kathy Brasher. They identified the suspect as a local resident by the name of Mike who was employed at Lowe’s. Jeffery Gierer, manager at Lowe’s provided the officers with the complete name of the subject and his address. He also provided surveillance video of the suspect in the Lowe’s store, after the robbery, wearing he distinctive red sweatshirt with the “ECKO” logo.

Acting on this information the officers arrested the robbery suspect who was armed with a handgun and had in his possession, almost all the money stolen in the robbery.


On September 4, 2006, at approximately 6:00 a.m. Joseph Lisalda, an employee of St. Charles County Cab, was parked behind a business adjacent to the Scrubby Duck Car Wash at 1411 Regency Parkway. Lisalda heard sounds like metal on metal coming from the car wash. Lisalda decided to investigate the sounds and drove to the car wash where he observed a subject he believed looked suspicious and acting nervous. Lisalda contacted his dispatcher for the cab company asking her to have the police responds.

The subject began to walk out of the area of the car wash so Liasalda approached him and engaged in general conversation in an attempt to distract him until the police arrived.
Once the police arrived the subject ran into a nearby creek in an attempt to elude the officers but was captured. Upon checking the officers discovered the office door of the car wash had been pried open and currency was stolen from a desk. The money was recovered.


On October 8, 2006 a robbery occurred in Circle Drive Park. The victim was struck with a tire iron causing serious injuries.

While investigating the robbery, Detective Weissenborn of the St. Charles Police Department talked to Michelle McIntyre, the clerk on duty at the Fifth Street Moto Mart.

Michelle told the detective that a local resident, who matched the robbery suspect’s description, had just been in the store and made a purchase with a $100 bill that had blood on it. She gave the bill to the detective for evidence and also provided his address.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with the robbery.


On October 7, 2006 at approximately 12 a.m. a vehicle parked on the lot of Elizabeth Seaton Church was broken into and property stolen.

Kara Borgsmiller who provided the responding officers with a description of the suspect witnessed the theft.

While checking the area officers from the St. Charles Police Department located the suspect and engaged in foot pursuits with him. After a half hour the suspect was arrested and identified. The victim’s stolen property was recovered and returned.