Saturday, May 24, 2008

RAMBLING WITH The Editor Tony Brockmeyer

Our publisher taught me something worthwhile the other day. Did you ever pull into a service station and forget what side of the car your fuel cap was located? She told me that since 1998 the manufacturers had solved that problem. If you look at your fuel gage with your key turned on you will see a small arrow on eighter side of the graphic of a gas pump. That arrow is pointing to the side of the car where your fuel cap is located. That is especially good to know if you are driving a rental car or an unfamiliar vehicle.

A small group of people are still trying to stop the First Capitol News from publishing. They send anoymous letters to our advertisers with vieled threats. We hope that you will continue to support us and please let our advertisers know that you appreciate them advertising in the First Capitol News.

The First Capitol News is getting a great number of hits each day on our web page, We are making plans on updating it on a daily basis so please be sure to check back every day or so to catch up on the local news of St. Charles

Soon to be featured on the web site will be information on how the city council and mayor are spending your tax dollars. With a struggling economy, we believe you will be surprised on how your tax dollars are being spent. Be sure to check frequently.

We would like to wish Bob Scott well after his recent surgery.