Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kratzer's Corner by Mel Kratzer

Is There A Better Place to Put the New Post Office?
In about two years the Fifth Street St. Charles Post Office will be attempted to be “relocated” near the First Capitol and Kingshighway intersection subject to a land deal being worked out with Lindenwood College. This whole scenario seems pretty “iffy” to me not to mention the
 plan leaving the St. Joe’s Hospital expansion in limbo waiting on the St. Charles Post Office to move so they can construct their new addition. 
 I’d be wary of this possible land deal with Lindenwood. The last time a big land deal emerged the St. Charles Taxpayers were taken for a ride when a right curve on First Capitol was taken out only to put a left curve on it. Lindenwood College ended up with a bunch of land and the City of St. Charles over a hundred thousand dollars poorer.
And the Postal Service’s real estate track record is pretty dismal in itself, too. Their last huge reality acquisition on Washington St. in downtown St. Louis had them purchase a building eight million bucks over cost.  Just saying that something more “surefire” is needed or else the St. Charles taxpayers and the Postal Service will be taken for another “ride” holding an exorbitant  bill muttering to themselves, “what the heck happened?”
 Seems to me a quicker, better more exact solution in relocating the Fifth St. St. Charles Post Office can be achieved. What about moving the Fifth St. Post Office to the giant warehouse on 2nd St. north of Clark? After some hustling and bustling on the remodeling, the “PO” could move right in while St. Joseph’s could start promptly on their expansion.

Another location for the new Fifth St. Post Office could be that massive parking lot right next to Chuck E. Cheese just on the south side of Hwy 70 slightly west of First Capitol. Think about this scenario: mail off your packages at the new post office then go next door and eat pizza while watching that overgrown rat amuse the six year olds.

An ideal new location for the new Fifth St. Post Office would be the old abandoned Pundmann Ford dealership building at Duchesne and Raymond. Its smack dab in the middle of St. Charles and with a tad of building construction, a new postal service building could be serving St. Charles citizens faster than a cruise missile attack.          

Or maybe a better spot for the new Post Office would be the old St. Charles Police Station Its collecting dust since it closed a few years ago. After some inside rearranging you’d have a serviceable place to conduct mail business with maybe a few leftover jail cells to house hostile unruly postal customers or disgruntled letter carriers.