Saturday, May 24, 2008

City Purchases Property For Fire Station $47,000 More Than Appraised Value - Less Than Mile From County Station

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On A Motion by Councilman Klinghammer The City Council Approved taking Property By Eminent Domain If Property Owner Refused Their Offer

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

The city of St. Charles has purchased the property at 2795 Zumbehl Road for construction of a Fire Station. The property is on the western edge of the city and there is a Central County fire Station less than a mile from this location.

The city had the property appraised and the appraisal was $158,000. In October the city offered $170,000 for the property and the owner countered offered $240,000.

The city council at a meeting on December 4, 2007 raised their offer to $205,000. Councilman Michael Klinghammer made a motion that; in the event the owners of 2795 Zumbehl Road did not accept the offer of $205,000 staff commence the procedure for eminent domain. Councilman Bob Kneemiller seconded the Motion. Councilmen Muench, Reese, Stivison, Veit, Beckering, Klinghamer and Kneemiller voted in favor of eminent domain. Councilman Ermeling voted No. Weller and Feldman were absent from the meeting.