Saturday, March 24, 2007



In our last edition we predicted that mudslinging in the political campaigns would start soon. In the First Ward incumbent Councilman Rory Riddler is being challenged by Richard Viet. A mudslinging piece against Riddler is being distributed to voters in the Ward.

In the third Ward where Incumbent Councilman Mark Brown is being challenged by Laurie Feldman the voters in the Ward are also being barraged with malicious pieces.

The pieces are being sent anonymously, probably because if the senders could be identified they could face civil and possible criminal charges.

We were also told that Citizens for Responsible Government headed by Raymond Stone and Carl Maus have already had mudslinging pieces printed and are getting ready to distribute them to your mail box. Moss and Stone have been involved in races in St. Charles, St. Peters and O’Fallon. In the past their group has been funded by millionaire developers like TR Hughes along with millionaire duck hunter Adolphus Busch. Their claim to fame is their participation in the last St. Peters mayoral election were they claimed responsibility for the victory of Shawn Brown over long time Mayor Tom Brown. Shawn Brown was recently convicted of taking a bribe and is in or enroute to a federal prison.

Maus is also the assistant to O’Fallon Mayor Donna Morrow.

Another contributor to their malicious attacks on candidates they do not favor has been St. Charles Mayor Patti York.

Stone and Maus are expected to attack Mayoral candidate John Gieseke and Councilman Mark Brown. Maus and a couple of other investors own property at Highway 94 and Heritage Landing. They applied to the St. Charles City Council for a permit to put a service station on the property. Both Gieseke and Brown voiced opposition to the proposal which was later withdrawn.

Maus also failed in his attempt to take over the Board at Heritage.

More information on Maus and Stone and their suspect organization can be found in our archives at

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