Saturday, March 24, 2007


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Thursday, March 22 marked the day the Third Ward’s new trash containers arrived in St. Charles.

Councilman Mark Brown purchased 1100 trash containers for the residents of his ward with the discretionary money that was allocated from the Casino’s building permit fees on their new hotel.

Brown and others on the Council had tried to purchase containers citywide in early 2005. That plan was squashed by the administration. With the upcoming change in government and a full time Mayor, that plan could be resurrected. Brown said, “The overwhelming response from the residents of Ward 3 should send a clear message that St. Charles residents care about beautifying their neighborhood. A small group of people don’t like the fact that for the first time the city council is giving something back to the taxpayers of Ward 3. They are upset because we are not spending the money on their friends, the millionaire developers. I think it is time we start giving back to the people not just special interests groups.”

Residents who ordered the cans will start receiving them on Monday, March 25. Councilman Brown was assisted by mayoral candidate John Gieseke for the better half of Thursday doing inventory of the cans and making sure they all arrived. Gieseke was one of the Council members who joined Brown in bringing this concept forward citywide in September 2005.