Saturday, March 24, 2007

EDITORIAL Cartoon February 6, 2007 - FIRST CAPITOL NEWS


This past week Representative Tom Dempsey introduced legislation that would make it illegal to pay workers to circulate petitions in the State of Missouri. I have to say that Tom Dempsey listened and took action and he should be commended. The past three years of our City’s history have been stained with corruption in not one but two petition drives. Both these drives were funded by developers, businessmen and council candidates in an effort to recall two sitting council members. Dempsey is doing something Jack Banas has not, take action against those who threaten our democratic process by trying to buy elections.

The fact that he is taking action should stand as a testitmonial to those on the council who wouldn’t succumb to the lure of the rich and famous and stood up to the millionaires, businessmen and council candidate. Tom Dempsey knew that many of the victims of forgery were constituents of his, he knew they had the right to be protected from those who would pay for signatures. Those who paid for the signatures knew that they were illegally gotten when they placed the petitions in the hands of the city clerk and yet nothing has been done by the prosecuting attorney who has taken an oath to uphold the laws.

This paper broke the story and introduced the evidence for all of St. Charles to see. Those who broke the law tried to discount the forgery and fraud. They hired a crack pot attorney to yell at the council. They did everything except take responsibility for their illegal behavior. The First Capitol News has taken a vow to keep you informed. This editorial is letting you know there is hope that our government is listening and trying to protect our interest. It is also letting you know that your government is failing to prosecute those who broke the law. Let Tom Dempsey know that you appreciate his efforts, let Jack Banas know his legacy could be “the one who allowed our democracy to be tarnished”.