Saturday, March 17, 2007


Some of our readers have asked why we are going to provide home delivery only to subscribers beginning on April 21. The newspaper industry is making rapid advances when it comes to technology. More and more people are obtaining their news over the Internet. The owner of the New York Times has predicted that there will no print editions in five years. I am not sure it will happen that soon but it is coming.

The First Capitol News has had a presence on the Internet since November of 2004. We have taken important stories, columns and photos and have made them available at We put the entire weekly edition of the First Capitol News on the Internet. Each week at or you can read the entire edition including the ads or you can download it to your desktop and read it later. That is what we have found a great number of our readers are doing. We also have a web log on the Internet that we have made available for daily news. When we have news that we feel would be interesting to our readers it is placed each day on The news is placed there when it becomes available to us.

Since we have so many visitors to our Internet sites we decided to make home delivery by subscription only. The First Capitol News will still be available free at selected merchants and at our red newspaper boxes, which will be placed at strategic locations around the city.

The only thing that does not change is change it self. Technology is changing on a daily basis and the First Capitol News plans on taking advantage of those changes to make our newspaper user friendly for our readers.

If you would like the First Capitol News delivered to your home after April 21 please subscribe. The subscription is $20 for six months and $35 for a year. Please send your check to the First Capitol News at 336 A South Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301.

We appreciate comments from our readers on how we can make our newspaper better. Please give us your ideas. You can mail them to 336 A South Main St, St. Charles 63301 or e-mail us at