Saturday, March 17, 2007

The PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Recently had took the opportunity to learn more about both candidates using
the internet. Both have websites. When I looked at the Mayor’s website I
noticed one thing, it lacks substance. She writes about how she was a member
of this or that. Compare that to John Giesekes’ , it talks about what his
positions are about things that matter to the residents. After watching the
debate and reading the websites it’s obvious to me that Mayor York is in
politics for herself and not the people.

Marci Mills

Dear Editor,

My neighbor called last evening to tell me about an unusual phone call she had received from a political phone banker. The caller asked if my neighbor was voting for Mayor York in the upcoming election and then wanted to know the neighbor’s political party affiliation as well as if she was pro-choice or pro-life. The neighbor answered those questions and shortly thereafter received yet another phone call asking if she favored Mr. Stivison in the 9th Ward Council election and then the same two questions were asked—her political affiliation and her pro-life/pro-choice stance. She felt it odd that the telephoners were recording this information in an election which is non-partisan and which has absolutely no bearing on the pro-life/pro-choice issue.
A few minutes later, our phone rang. The caller wanted to know if I was going to vote for Mr. Stivison in the 9th Ward. I replied that I was voting for Mr. Koester. She then wanted to know my political party affiliation. I told her that since this is a non-partisan race, she had no need to know that. The caller then firmly replied that she was representing a “government agency” and they needed to know with what political party I was affiliated. When I refused to give her this information, she hung up.
When I checked the caller i.d. on my telephone, I noticed the call had been made from the Paric Corporation. I tried to call back but just got the Paric Corp. switchboard. Since when is Paric a “government agency”? Obviously, the caller lied to me and tried to intimidate me into giving her the information she wanted, which is a tactic I, for one, greatly resent. I am under no obligation to divulge my political party affiliation to anyone (even a “government agency”), nor does anyone from the upcoming election need to know whether any of us are pro-choice or pro-life. The City of St. Charles does not deal with those issues. Perhaps Paric Corp., as well as the Stivison/York campaigns, should reconsider their campaign tactics and stick to issues which are relevant.

Eleanor McCune