Saturday, March 17, 2007

ComMENTS & COMMENTARY by Charles Hill


Charles Hill
How can you tell it’s election time? Simple, anything that might look good ready or not needs to be announced. Mayor York held a press conference recently to announce the potential move of the Post Office to the proposed Lindenwood commercial area at First Capitol and West Clay and the expansion of St. Joseph’s Health Center. St. Joe would build a parking garage on the post office property. Keep in mind this would be great but the announcement went something like this. York announced the expansion and movement; the President of St. Joe’s basically said that the board hasn’t discussed the plan. The Post Office is on record saying they can’t afford to move unless it is paid for by St. Joes. Both have signed a non-binding agreement to keep talking. 
Now I realize York has little to hang her hat on since the Convention Center is old news, but to call a press conference over a remote possibility of this project demonstrates just how little she has done. Once again this project does require you and I to kick in 5 acres of taxpayers ground. It appears that once again it’s not a real project unless you and I kick in. When will York have something that you and I don’t have to pay for? 
I long for the good ol’ days of a city actually paying for what they are supposed to, the basics. I am hopeful that might happen if things go right in April. I wonder if John Gieseke can dream up a project and host a press conference. I remember reading once that Walt Disney had plans to create the first Disneyland in St. Louis. Maybe Gieseke can announce that Disney has come back from the grave and wants to build a Disneyland in New Town. Both Disney and the Mayor can compare notes as to the chances of their projects happening. My money is on Disney.