Monday, August 28, 2006

The View From The Cheap Seats - By Jerry Haferkamp

For all you old timers that grew up in south St. Charles in the 40’s and 50’s, the South Town Reunion will be at Blanchette, pavilion #3 on Saturday, September 16th from 11a.m. ‘till ?

An intelligent person would think that knowing that the First Capitol News exists would coax our mayor to clean up her act. Apparently not. The Queen has vetoed the proposal to allow you to revote on whether the administration should have a “strong” or a “weak” type mayoral system. She states that you have already voted.

When we voted to approve our charter, it called for a “weak” mayoral position. Some time ago, the mayor’s friends had the council put the change to a “strong” type position on the ballot. Why didn’t she veto that proposal using the same “they already voted” mantra? Simple. It didn’t suit her agenda. Once again, she puts her agenda ahead of what should be her concern that the voters have an informed choice. With more information, the voters may turn back the previous vote, or they may approve the change by an even larger number It’s now a moot issue since there weren’t enough council members voting to override her veto. The issue would have been just one more issue on a ballot of several issues, so there was no expense involved. Consistency, Madame Mayor. If you didn’t veto the previous change, you shouldn’t have vetoed the latter. Consistency.

The mayor has told the St. Peters paper (I think she is boycotting the only local paper) that she will run for the mayor’s slot again. Once the candidates have officially filed, we will get into such topics as money laundering, campaign finance irregularities, misappropriation of city funds, unauthorized contract changes and little things like that. I may have to bring up our old friends at the Citizens Responsible for What’s Wrong in Your Community (or whatever that group of “no low income housing near me” elitist was called).

Of course, that’s just the view from the cheap seats.