Monday, August 28, 2006

RAMBLING With The Editor - Tony Brockmeyer

Heeeees Baaaaaack

A sign in the window of a building on main street announces the “launching” soon of a new business by Monsieur Steve Powell and Mademoiselle Venetia McEntire.(the titles were indicated on the window sign)

In the business section of the August 23rd edition of the Peoria Journal Star an article by business editor Paul Gordon reports that Powell resigned Tuesday as the director of the Peoria area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The article said , Powell acknowledged he was taking heat from some bureau board members, who include several hotelier about the fact he favors a new hotel attached to the Peoria Civic Center. Still, Powell said, he was not pressured to resign.

The resignation surprised the board, if only because of several issues facing the bureau at this time. Those include the Civic Center hotel issue which Powell was recommending against the wishes of several hotelier who serve on the board as well as bureau public funding, which is pending before the Peoria City Council. Still, Cunningham said, Powell's resignation may provide the bureau an opportunity to take local tourism in a different direction. Specifically, he said, the board intends to look initially for a Peoria-area person to be its next executive director.

Powell has as much as right as anyone else to operate a business on Historic Main Street. I hope he stays away from our current Director of the Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau and gives him a chance to see if he can recover tourism in St. Charles.

Mayor Brown It’s Time To Go

If you have been checking our daily web log you have read that St. Peters Mayor Shawn Brown was indicted for allegedly accepting a bribe. A company trying to get the contract to install red-light cameras in St. Peters told federal officials Brown told them he would veto the bill if he did not receive the money. According to federal Law Enforcement the company sent a check for $2750 to Shawn Brown’s home.

Brown has plead not guilty and a court date will be set. He has not stepped down as Mayor of St. Peters. It was reported Brown said the money was a campaign contribution. Missouri only allows contributions of $300 in the Mayor’s election.

We all know that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty and Brown has that same right. However, he is in a position of power and trust that is not afforded to other individuals. It is incumbent upon Mayor Shawn Brown to resign or take a leave of absence until he is convicted or found innocent. He owes it to the residents of St. Peters to remove this cloud over St. Peters City Government.

Shawn it’s time to go!