Monday, August 28, 2006

Police Learn Of City Hall Embezzlement After Story Appears In First Capitol News

By Tony Brockmeyer

In our June 17th edition we reported that a internal investigation was being conducted at CIty Hall after is was discovered that funds had apparently been embezzled by a employee in the finance department.

We were unable to get an official comment from City Administration. We were told that no police investigation was being conducted. Members of the City Council were not aware of the alleged theft.

At a recent City Council meeting a resident, Phillip Dees, spoke during Citizen Comments and mentioned the story in the FCN and wanted to know what was being done. Councilwoman Greer asked City Administrator Allan Williams for information after Dees spoke and Williams replied NO!

At a special executive meeting of the City Council held after the regular meeting, the Council directed Williams to provide information on the apparent theft.

The Council learned that shortly after the story appeared in the FCN the Administration notified the police of the theft and an investigation is being conducted.

When we first learned of the theft it was believed about $11,000 was missing. Now City Hall sources told us they believe the amount is much more.

The FCN has also learned that a supervisor in the finance department has been fired.