Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bass Pro Must Have Trailer-Pods Removed From Lot By March 7

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

More than 80 pods (trailers sitting on the ground without wheels) must be removed by Bass Pro from their parking lot in the Mark Twain Mall by March 7, 2008.

A public hearing was held at the city council meeting Tuesday evening on a request by Bass Pro for a conditional use permit to put up a 7200 square foot temporary tent. They were requesting that they be allowed to have the tent from February 22 to March 17. It will be used in conjunction with their Spring Fishing Classic.

One of the conditions for the conditional use permit requires the storage pods to be removed by March 7, 2008.

In the November 10, 2006 edition of the First Capitol News we reported that a local business owner was complaining that the city would not allow a 2 x 3 foot banner at his business but allowed other businesses special privileges. We reported in the story, along with photographs, that there were more than 80 pods being used by Bass Pro on the parking lot. We also reported that the pods have been there for over three years.

After the story ran we asked Bruce Evans, the Director of Community Development, if the pods were illegal and why was Bass Pro being allowed to have their parking lot covered by them. Mr. Evans told us he would look into it.

The General Manager of Bass Pro told the council Bass Pro had acquired an additional 10,300 square feet of storage space and the items in the pods were being moved into that space.

He said that racking was being installed and the pods would be gone by March 7.

He said he had already began contacting the companies telling them to remove their pods