Friday, February 23, 2007


I want to thank all of you who volunteered, worked, put a yard sign up, made phone calls and most important voted for me. This election is about you and the direction the city will take.

I see a city that focuses on the needs of the residents first and foremost. Streets that are repaired in a timely manner, sidewalks that are installed and fixed. St. Charles needs to get back to the basics.
That focus has been lost on the "big projects". While the “big projects” are fun to talk about and cut the ribbons at openings, these projects have little to do with improving our quality of life. You, the residents of St. Charles, deserve to be thought of first. Something as simple as paying your water bill with a debit card isn't a consideration now, but it can be. The City staff tells you what you are going to do instead of asking how the City can do things better.

My mayoral campaign will continue to speak to the issues and you will not see any negative ads or personal attacks coming from me. This type of behavior has plagued our city for too long and I am not going to be a party to it. Many times political candidates try to hide behind third party attacks upon their opponents. Who else but a person running in a spirited campaign would want to attack their opponent. This happened in the last election when an organization called "Citizens for a Responsible Community" flooded mailboxes with negative mailers. I can only hope that my opponent will also take the high road during this mayoral campaign.

The residents of the City of St. Charles have the unique opportunity to break free of the political machine that has ruled St. Charles for years and move into the future.

Grace Nichols had that vision as well as myself. Mrs. Nichols ran a clean campaign and cares about the City. My vision of the future and her understanding of municipal law can make for a positive start to the new "Strong Mayor" form of government. Mrs. Nichols has been a tremendous asset to our community and I am hopeful that she will continue her involvement with our city.

Once again I thank you. If anyone would like to become involved in my campaign for Mayor of St. Charles by volunteering, telephoning, putting a sign in the yard or by contributing I can be reached at 636-946-0877 or or at home, 3340 Shutten Street, St. Charles, 63301.

If anyone has had your yard sign stolen or damaged please go to and click on signs and leave your address so we can bring you a new sign or call me at 636-946-0877.

John Gieseke
Councilman Ward 8