Friday, February 23, 2007



We would like to thank our loyal readers for braving the cold weather and voting in the St. Charles mayoral primary election. We would also like to thank those of you who voted for John Gieseke.

John Gieseke will face Mayor Patti York in the April 3rd general election as she attempts a third term.

St. Charles voters will have the opportunity on Tuesday, April 3rd to decide if they want to continue with what they are currently experiencing with York or if they want to move forward with a professional, efficient, progressive government with John Gieseke as Mayor.


There was an interesting statement in another paper from York. In it she said Gieseke was, “untested.” What she failed to mention is that she was tested and she failed the test.

The most important lesson I learned covering York over the past seven years is that she lies. And when you catch her in a lie she attempts to lie her way out of the lie.


York’s campaign literature lists a number of accomplishments she claims are hers when in reality those accomplishments became reality because of the efforts of a lot of people.

She wants the public to believe that she is responsible for the Convention Center & Hotel, Justice Center, Arts Center, Veterans Memorial, Dog Park, New Town, Bass Pro, Commercial & Industrial Boon of the 370 Area, the Casino expansion & Hotel, upgraded interchanges and school resource officers. That is not true.

She also wants you to believe that she is responsible for the best police department, best fire department, best emergency medical, best parks & recreation, low tax rate, etc. Again not true.


What is she responsible for? She is responsible for calling a special meeting to sell the old police headquarters for $150,000 less than the highest bid. If you drive by that building on West Clay you will see a York for Mayor sign on the property. That sign location has cost the taxpayers at least $150,000.

She is responsible for delaying the appointment of a Police Chief for over a year because she could not get the votes for her favorite candidate.

She is responsible for illegally signing a contract, without City Council approval, with Express Scripts. A lawsuit is now pending against the City with a demand of more than $200,000 in damages.

She is responsible for allegedly diverting over $15,000 in taxpayer money to the recall efforts of Councilman Mark Brown and Councilwoman Dottie Greer.

A story in another publication quotes the mayor as saying she was never involved in those recall efforts. Another lie. She was heavily involved with those recall efforts in which the police discovered fraud and forgeries and in which arrests have been made and charges brought forward.

She is also responsible for the infighting and bitterness between members of the City Council.

I could go on and on with her actual accomplishments that she doesn’t want you to know about until I would probably bore you. However, if you would like additional information you can research York in the archives of the First Capitol News at Just type York or Mayor in the search area.

Who Is Funding Phone Calls
For Candidate Deep In Debt?
The First Capitol News has learned that just one week after filing for the St. Charles City Council, attorney Richard Veit filed paperwork with the Missouri Ethics Commission creating a debt committee. Veit is one of two candidates facing First Ward City Councilman Rory Riddler in April. Two months before filing to run for the council, papers on file with the State show that Veit ended his campaign for the Republican nomination for Circuit Judge (Division 4) with a debt of $12,260,94. Veit lost the primary to now Circuit Judge Rick Zerr.

Rather than requiring that Veit pay off his debts from one campaign before starting another, Missouri law allows him to form yet another campaign committee. A persistent rumor in political circles has been that Veit was promised that his previous campaign debt would be paid off in exchange for running for the Council. Several people were approached to run by Republican Party leaders, despite the fact that City Council seats are suppose to be non-partisan.

Meanwhile, the First Capitol News received calls from several residents who said they received electronic phone calls this week that asked questions about the candidates for Mayor, but also about their preference in the race for City Councilman in the First Ward. The First Capitol news has been told that the phone calls are being made by a company owned by Tom Smith, whose home address on Monroe Street was used to funnel over a million dollars in campaign money on behalf of Republican State Representative Tom Dempsey and various partisan campaign committees last year.

Tom Smith is a State employee as well, working for State Representative Tom Dempsey. Tom Smith is also considered a political ally of incumbent Mayor Patti York. Veit’s campaign reports, which were due on Thursday, do not show any expenditure for these phone calls.

Here we go again folks.

Secret campaign committees are already starting to funnel money to a select slate of candidates on behalf of the good old boy network.

In the weeks ahead, the First Capitol News will help our readers connect the dots and follow the money trail. We will investigate if there is a secret slate of candidates who were drafted to run and, if so, what political or financial favors they may have received. We also promise to keep a close eye on Richard Veit’s debt committee to see who is willing to pay off his $12,000 debt.