Saturday, December 16, 2006


A Result Of Drug Deal Rip-Off

Teenagers Charged

Alisa N. Lukasek, 18, of O’Fallon, Dorsey Carlos Thompson, 18, of St. Charles and Michael Alexander Adams, 19. of Bellefontaine Neighbors have been charged in the December 6, 2006 murder of Keeon Anderson of St. Charles. The murder of Anderson was first reported on the First Capitol News web log, on December 5th at 11:53p.m.

St. Charles police said they learned Lukasek had observed Anderson with a large amount of cash and convinced Thompson, who is her boyfriend, and Adams, a friend, to rob Anderson. Lukasek then made arrangements to purchase marijuana from Anderson later that evening. When Anderson arrived home at his apartment in the 700 block of Cunningham in the Powell Terrace neighborhood they attempted to rob him. Anderson attempted to drive away and was shot by Thompson who had a .44 caliber magnum pistol in his possession. Anderson attempted to drive away and apparently passed out, lost control of his vehicle, which then crossed First Capitol Drive and ended up in a snow covered field in front of Lindenwood University. A passerby notified police of the vehicle in which Anderson’s body was discovered.

Councilman John Gieseke told the First Capitol News, “I want to compliment the St. Charles PD on their efforts to solve this
crime. In very tough conditions they worked leads and made arrest. St. Charles has grown every year and the City Administration and Mayor have not kept up the manpower. Each year we hear rumors that the PD has asked for more manpower, the Mayor and City Administrator don’t tell us what is requested, we are flying blind on the needs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you increase population, have greater diversity in population and add gaming to the mix we need more police. Over the past
three years speeding complaints have gone through the roof, the number of service calls are exploding, our police are patrolling more streets with the same number of police. We will be in a crisis if public safety continues to be placed on the back burner, it is a question of priorities.”

\All three subjects are being held at the St. Charles County Jail with bonds set at $1 million dollars each.