Saturday, December 16, 2006

John Gieseke, Councilman Ward 8 and candidate for St. Charles Mayor told the First Capitol News, “Recently the City of St. Charles has made the news with the recent murder near the campus of Lindenwood University along with some other serious crimes. Those who worked to solve these crimes should be commended for their efforts. It demonstrates the commitment they have for the residents of St. Charles.

These crimes and many others takes manpower to work and solve.The St. Charles Police Department’s manpower numbers have remained the same for the past three years. Some of the crimes in St. Charles have limited chance of being solved because the City Administration and Mayor have not placed public safety as a top priority.

Former Police Chief Paul Corbin and current Chief Tim Swope asked each year for the Mayor to increase manpower in the budget to make our city safer. Sadly each year these requests went unanswered.

Thankfully the dedicated men and women of the St. Charles police department have been doing more with less. The calls for service due to the casino, increased bar activity on Main Street and the explosion of calls for police service require the department to prioritize calls potentially placing your call behind another. You might have to wait for the police to arrive.

This management style can’t continue or we will see an increase in crime. Our police department has a Chief that has earned the trust of the City Council and the residents it is time that those in City Hall allow him to tell the Council what the department needs to make the City of St. Charles safer for our residents.

I intend to make public safety one of my top priorities if elected Mayor.”