Saturday, November 18, 2006


he elections are behind us, finally, and for the most part I was happy with the results. It is interesting that in Jennings, where I teach, I am viewed as a radical, old school type, conservative teacher. Here in beautiful Saint Charles I am looked at by most of my friends as a radical, left wing nut. Like I always say: “Its all relative.”

Tom Green’s loss broke my heart. He is a good man and was a great state rep. I didn’t agree with the fact that “out of towners” were behind the recent recall of two councilpersons. I equally disagree with recruiting students from Mizzou, who live in Lincoln County, to work the polls in St. Charles City. As I was working the polls for Mr. Green that is exactly what I found working for Sally Unfaithful – a graduate student from Mizzou. If you cannot find people from your own district to work the polls for you, how strongly can they believe in your message? Of course that’s just me, I could be wrong.

The failure of the bond issue for a civic center in St. Charles City rubbed me the wrong way, initially, then I thought about it and finally came to grips with what I think went wrong. I think the majority of the residents in Saint Charles City do not have confidence in the City Council. Individually they all seem to be competent, pleasant people; collectively they are anything but, and I think most residents are well aware of just that! From my perspective they were putting the cart in front of the horse by attempting to pass the bond issue prior to announcing to the public where the facility would be located. Regular readers of this column know that I contacted both Mr. Riddler and Mr. Kneemiller on this very subject and both suggested to me that something would be in the works within 6 months. That was 8 months ago.

I strongly disagree with the Blanchette Park site as I live on the southern extreme of beautiful St. Charles City. The St. Peter’s RecPlex would be far closer to my house than the proposed north-side site. I really think a more centrally located site would be better for all involved; certainly those in the 4th ward of Saint Charles City.

Personally I supported the bond issue, as I have been a proponent of a civic center for some time now. St. Peters has a beautiful facility, maybe the nicest in the region. O’Fallon has a facility their residents can be proud of; Saint Charles has absolutely nothing!

Just as I supported the bond issue, in 2004 I supported Mr. Kneemiller – I even had one of his signs in my front yard. No longer can I say that is true. As stated, individually Bob Kneemiller is a great guy; both personable and almost always pleasant. As a member of the City Council he has proven himself to be ineffective. The allegiances he has formed in an attempt to be productive have done just the opposite – they have become counter-productive to the daily operation, and more importantly to the future of beautiful Saint Charles City.

I was neither born nor raised in Saint Charles, but my children were and are. I can no longer sit back and watch the petty differences of a few individuals hold up the progress of this great city. I used to laugh when I heard our governing body referred to as “Silly Hall.” I am not laughing any longer.

Therefore, with the support of my lovely wife Lynn as well as my three children, Maggie, Joe and Dee, I am announcing my candidacy for the St. Charles City Council’s 4th Ward.

I’ve now been writing for this fine weekly for two years. In covering the local high school sports beat I have met some really neat people. Most of them simply shake their heads when talking about Saint Charles City Government. I hope to change that. Enough said – for now!

And now for some sports. Last August I did a series on two city residents both of whom at the time were recently named head football coaches at their respective schools: Cory Nesslage of St. Charles High and Ryan Wallace of Jennings. Nesslage graduated from St. Charles and played college ball at Lindenwood. Wallace graduated from Zumwalt South and played college ball at Missouri Valley.

This season Wallace’s Warriors completed what most would consider the greatest football season in Jennings’ history. Not only did the Warriors beat Ladue for the first Suburban East title in the school’s history, Wallace’s squad finished the regular season with a 9-1 record, and they came within 27 seconds of what would have been one of the biggest high school football upsets in recent history.

When talking about his Warriors, Wallace speaks in very deliberate, calculated sentences. Wallace could have easily “run the score up” against a number of his opponents this season – but that is not his style. He did just the opposite. He veiled his true offensive scheme, keeping to the very basic of basics. He knew he had to beat Ladue and Clayton to win the conference title. What good would it do to beat, shall we say Cleveland NROTC by a score of 44-0 – allowing the Rams and Greyhounds to see what he really had up his sleeve. No, Wallace did an excellent job of making people think that his team was mediocre – until it was too late and they had you marked for the kill. “Parkway North” are two words that Wallace and his Warriors will not forget soon – if ever. Congratulations to St. Charles City resident Coach Ryan Wallace and his Jennings Warriors on a great football season. This year’s team has set the standard by which future teams will be measured.