Saturday, November 18, 2006


Dr. Howard Rosenthal

The Easiest Way to Pick A Really Bad Counselor Or Therapist!

Dr. Howard Rosenthal

Now that the World Series is history I figured it might be best to stop obsessing about baseball and pine tar and go back to supporting my Ebay addiction. While surfing the auction site I came upon a listing that would allow me to secure a Ph.D. in counseling for $225! Hey, not bad. I mean, compare that to my 11 or 12 year stint in college and grad school (you lose track when you go to school that long), replete with a 10 year student loan.

Should you see a counselor or therapist with an Ebay degree? Sure, when you decide it is okay for your pet parrot to perform a root canal on you!

You could ask a therapist where he or she snared his or her degree. Nevertheless, with a glut of colleges and universities, how would you know if the school was for real? Moreover, a helper can have a boatload of degrees, but still be unqualified to help others.

Instead, I suggest you ask to see the therapist’s license. Licenses are conferred by the state, not the federal government. The license should be displayed in the helper’s office. Popular ethical credentials include licensed psychiatrist or psychologist, LPC or licensed professional counselor, and LCSW, licensed clinical social worker.

Most states have licensing websites where you can check out whether your therapist, chiropractor, or even the guy or gal who cuts your hair is properly credentialed.

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