Saturday, November 04, 2006


Our 2006 Editorial Endorsements

We Proudly Recommend:

JOE KOESTER, running for State Representative in the 18th District, has shown himself to be a hardworking and sincere City Councilman. His opponent, incumbent Tom Dempsey, traded any concern for the taxpayers of St. Charles to champion a millionaire home builder. Our landmark series on money laundering has shown how millions of special interest money has been funneled through committees under the control of Dempsey political ally and state employee Tom Smith. Most disturbing of all is over $32,000 the Casinos have donated to try to keep Dempsey in office. Recently Dempsey’s campaign tried to smear Joe Koester as being against Seniors, when it was Dempsey who pushed through the Governor’s legislation to cut 93,000 Missourians, mainly Seniors, from the Medicaid rolls.

TOM GREEN is running for his old State Representative seat in the 15th District. This is a rematch between Green the Democrat and Sally Faith the current Republican incumbent. Two years ago, Green lost narrowly after the Republican Party of Missouri accused him in a campaign mailing of taking a taxpayer funded trip to Alaska. There was just one catch. Green has never been to Alaska in his life. This bold-faced lie cost Green his seat and voters can right that wrong here in the 2006 election.

KENNETH BIERMANN is running for State Representative in the 17th District. Kenneth is known for his long time service to the Orchard Farm School District as a Board member and volunteer. He is in a David and Goliath race against Republican incumbent Nancy Schneider whose political war chest is far larger. But Biermann, like Koester and Green, has been making the poor performance of Republican legislators in funding our schools a central theme. Change is needed if progress in this area is to be made.

JOE McCULLOCH is running for a second term on the St. Charles County Council from the 5th District. Once the lone Democrat, Joe was joined by County Councilwomen Cheryl Hibbler from O’Fallon, who won in a special election to fill an unexpired term on the Council. Joe is the brother of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch. His father was a police officer killed in the line of duty when Joe was just a kid. Following a distinguished career in law enforcement himself, Joe became an attorney. As County Councilman, Joe has shown himself able to look beyond partisanship and work with the majority to get things done, but also as someone willing to stand up and just say no when the need arises.

PROPOSITION A is a no tax increase bond issue to build the kind of first class Community Center the residents of St. Charles deserve. Other smaller communities around us have such facilities to offer year-round recreation, sports and entertainment to their residents. As the second largest city in the St. Louis Area, St. Charles has lagged behind in this important area. The list of amenities offered in the facility is long and has something for all ages, from an indoor walking track to an indoor aquatics center. We urge everyone to VOTE YES FOR PROPOSITION A to move this project forward.