Saturday, November 04, 2006

Case In Point By Joe Koester, Councilman Ward 9

Some people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. Oliver Wendell Holmes

The past several weeks now I have spent nearly every free moment walking door to door to meet fellow Saint Charles residents. Along my route I have met so many good people who are willing to give a couple minutes and chat about why I am running for office. I appreciate the civility that most everyone practices in this town regardless if they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

As is the case in most all races for a public office, records get distorted or taken out of context and it can take some time to explain events, but I have encountered patient people who are willing to hear arguments and ask questions.

Not all time spent at homes around town has been discussing politics. I have run into fellow St. Charles High graduates, met some fellow brewers, talked and learned about some Saint Charles history and even met residents who remember my grandparents when they lived at the corner of Elm Street and Kingshighway. I have met those who still refer to Clay Street and seen several Saint Charles Dairy milk delivery boxes displayed on porches around town.

I regret that I do not have the time to meet everyone before Tuesday to discuss the issues and to listen to thoughts and ideas that often arise when adults take time to truly share in meaningful dialog. Unfortunately, most campaigns boil down to mailer after mailer that turns into an adult version of name-calling rather than addressing issues. Unfortunately too, there is no “truth in advertising” clause in a campaign which often results in the guy with the most money being able to manufacture “truth” that only needs to remain “facts” for a couple of weeks. For the candidate who cannot buy fifteen mailers, about the only thing left to do is walk and meet people. Again, thanks to everyone willing to take time from their busy schedules to talk about local issues. Daylight Savings has certainly cut back the time the candidates can dedicate to walking door-to-door (any candidate who must work during the day, at least) since no one goes door to door after dark out of respect for the homeowners, but your two or three minutes time is appreciated since you have the same busy schedule as the rest of us.