Saturday, October 21, 2006


If you have been watching the City Council meetings on Channel 20 recently you might have seen the temper tantrums thrown by Councilmen Bob Hoepfner and Mike Weller. They professed their indignation about an informational brochure the administration had contracted for regarding the vote for a Community Center that will be on the November 7th ballot. They professed their dislike for a location next to Blanchette Park where the Boys and Girls Club is currently located. This location is listed on the brochure as the front-runner for the location of the Center. They professed no knowledge of this being the preferred location despite the fact that it was mentioned in the 2005 Spring City Newsletter that goes to each Council person for approval nor when it appeared often in the minutes of the Community Center Committee that were sent to them.

If the truth were known their dislike is not so much to the location but more likely their hatred for Councilman Rory Riddler who has been working on a Community Center for many years. Maybe if they would give Hoepfner the plumbing work and Weller the cabling contract they would be more receptive to a Community Center for the residents.

Weller, whom I believe holds the record for missing Council meetings, has vowed to fight the Community Center. If he spends as much time doing that as he has spent on his Council duties it should have no significant impact.

Hoepfner made several statements regarding the center that need to be corrected.

1. Bob said Community Center cost estimate didn’t include inflation. In fact inflation was taken into account in preparing the estimate.

2. Bob said Park Board opposed Community Center when in fact; they have supported the idea all along.

3. Bob said the Council didn’t have knowledge of the sites being considered. In fact he voted for the minutes approving it, and the City Council’s article in the Spring 2005 City Newsletter, which Councilman Hoepfner approved talks all about it.

4. Bob said that Lindenwood University would “give” the City free land to build a Community Center. When the City Administrator checked with Lindenwood they found out that wasn’t true.

5. Bob said the architect cost the City “over a million dollars” when in fact the bills to date are $155,000.

Gee Bob, would it hurt so much to perhaps read the material you are given every week. Someone who doesn’t know you might actually believe the things you say every week.