Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dempsey’s Aide Puts Out Negative Mailing Against Tom Green

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

Thomas W. Smith of 320 Monroe in St. Charles, Tom Dempsey’s aide, is apparently responsible for a negative mailing against former State Representative Tom Green. Green is attempting to regain his seat from Sally Faith who won the seat in the last election after several negative mailings, which were found to be false, were sent out by the state Republican Party.

Green has a lawsuit pending against the state Republican Party because of the negative mailings that he believes cost him the election. The suit is being heard in St. Charles County Circuit Court with a January 23rd trial date.

A motion by the Republican Party to dismiss the lawsuit was denied by Judge Cunningham who set the matter for trial.

Printing on the mailing, received by residents of the district on Wednesday, said it was paid for by the Gateway to Victory Fund, Thomas W. Smith, treasurer. Both the fund, and Dempsey’s aide Smith, were subjects of the First Capitol News Investigative series, “Money Laundering or Smart Politics, the People Have a right to Know.” (The series can be found in our archives on the internet at in the search area enter, Money Laundering).

In it’s most recent filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission, the Gateway Victory Fund with Smith as the treasurer and being operated from 320 Monroe Street in St. Charles listed only about $600 on hand. Filings by the Sally faith Committee listed a payment of $5,000 in September to Survey St. Louis. Survey St. Louis is a company controlled by Smith, Dempsey’s aide, with the same address, 320 Monroe. When we last checked there is no city business license for Survey St. Louis nor approval for a home occupation.

Survey St. Louis was also active in the recent recall attempts against Councilman Mark Brown and Councilwoman Dottie Greer. Both recall attempts were plagued with forgeries and fraud. One subject has been charged by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and police sources believe more individuals who participated in the recall will be charged. The recall efforts were mostly funded by developers T.R. Hughes and Michael Sellenschuetter and former head of SSM St. Joseph Health Center, Kevin Kast. Additional information in our archives at

Sources familiar with political mailings estimate the cost of the negative mailing made by Dempsey’s aide against Tom Green at about $5,000.

Tom Green told the First Capitol News, “I can’t believe they are putting out negative mailings against me again. You would think after the last election when it was proven they put out lies they would have learned their lesson. I would not have thought my opponent would stoop to this type of dirty tricks but I guess I was wrong. I plan on campaigning on the issues and on the record. I don’t believe I should make any further comments because of the pending lawsuit.

According to Tom Green, the state Republican Party admitted the information they mailed out about him was not true.