Saturday, September 23, 2006


We are proud that we are investigative reporters and continually scoop other publications including the daily paper. Many news tips have been received and there are several investigations pending. A couple of these investigations are taking a great amount of our time. So that we can provide accurate information that we can back up we must spend the time necessary to dig up the facts so we can provide our readers with the information.

The First Capitol News reaches a very large audience who anxiously look forward to the arrival of each and every edition.
A former competitor, Ed Watkins, the former publisher of the now defunct St. Charles Citizen, remarked in an article in another publication;

“I think people really underestimate the First Capitol News and the power of the First Capitol News. I have a healthy respect for them because I have been in the business now and the newspaper business is a difficult one for anybody today.”

It is a difficult job but one we enjoy. We appreciate our readers and thank them for all the telephone calls, letters and e-mails we have received from them complimenting us on our publication.

Because we want to provide the best publication possible, it is sometimes necessary that we take time off from publishing in order to follow up on the investigative reports we are working on. We have a couple of large ones in the fire and the more we investigate the more involved it becomes. To discover the truth we must follow all the leads and gather all the information.

We want our readers to understand that occasionally there will be a week without a printed publication. We just need the time to gather the facts.

On our weekly web log on the internet at we will let our readers know our next publication date. Even though we may not publish on a particular week you can keep informed about St. Charles news on our daily web log which can be found at We are striving to keep it updated daily with fresh information.

We also have other exciting news. A new web page is under construction on the internet. You will be able to pull up each and every page of each edition each week of publication. It will include all the information that is in the printed edition including all the ads from our fine advertisers. You will also be able to purchase display and classified advertising as well as photos on line. We appreciate your support of our advertisers and please continue to visit them.

We are excited about our new web pages and as soon as construction is completed we will provide you with the web address.

Our next publication will be on October 7, 2006. Check our daily web log for updates of St. Charles news.


At Tuesday’s City Council meeting the Mayor did not present her new appointments to the Park Board. She had notified the Council earlier she was planning on attempting to re-appoint Thomas Smith, TJ Slattery and submit the name of Lynn Porterfield as a new appointment.

After the story of Thomas Smith and his involvement in political money laundering appeared in last weeks’ First Capitol News we were told the Mayor decided to wait on the appointments as she did not have the votes for passage.

You can read about Smith on our web log,

Slattery is the president of the Park Board and it appears he is getting the board and the park department involved in city politics and this could be trouble for both him and the board down the road. He is also on the 4th of July Riverfest Committee and is a confidant of Smith.

Porterfield is the former City Attorney and City Administrator whose wife ran against Councilman Bob Hoepfner in the last Council election. During that election the Mayor became actively involved in an attempt to defeat Hoepfner.. She and her husband even worked the polls on election day. It will be interesting to see if Hoepfner votes against Porterfield or if he has made a deal with the Mayor. That would not be a surprise to anyone.

How about it Bob, deal or No Deal?