Saturday, September 23, 2006


If you thought Steve Powell’s departure from the Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau would stop the spending of taxpayer dollars on things that would never make a return on the investment, you need to look at this week’s celebration of the return of Lewis and Clark. Powell and Venetia Macintire have once again received taxpayer money to fund the grand opening of their new venture on South Main in conjunction with the return of Lewis and Clark. If it wasn’t for government money, one has to wonder if Powell could make a dime. These two received $25,000 plus extra funds from City Arts and Culture Commission for the return celebration. If you do the math the event this weekend has to increase sales in town $250,000. A monumental task if you ask me after the flop of the bicentennial.

One should look and call those involved with tourism in Peoria, Illinois and ask the question, why did Powell leave there so suddenly? I have to hand it to the good people of Peoria, they figured out much quicker than us that Powell’s expertise isn’t in tourism.

The City of St. Charles should look at all the indispensable department heads that have worked in their jobs for long periods. Maybe the first place to look is the economic development department. I think that this city is very undersold by this department.

Let’s get back to Steve and Mac; they have voiced opposition to a development that is sorely needed on Main Street. A condo development is proposed and this development will bring the needed population base that most smart thinkers know is needed to reinvigorate Main Street after the lack of vision that has been the norm for the past ten years. These new residents will help reshape the retail stores along the street. We would see retail that supports and serves the locals on the street would come with this development. Of course those who are selfish and small-minded are against this like so many other good things that have been introduced but shoot down.

Please call your councilman in support of this development to insure that we don’t have to continue the never ending funding of a street that doesn’t understand the amount of money they use that the rest of the City could benefit from.