Saturday, September 16, 2006

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Letter to the Editor:

I’m writing in regards to the embarrassment I feel as a St. Peters resident. First of all, we elect a Mayor who has zero experience in any political office. Next, we watch him every week negate any progress that the board of aldermen try to make; trying to make us feel sorry for him. In the end, the FBI pick him up on bribery charges and he ends up in Federal court and could possibly head to prison. Let’s elect the Mayor we should have elected the first time: Mayor Tom Brown. Mayor, if you’re reading this, please consider running in April of 2007. Let’s get St. Peters’ government back in good standing with its residents and with the FBI!

Ron Steininder
St. Peters, MO

To the Editor,

It looks like the City of Berkeley and the City of St. Peters have a lot in common these days. Both of their ranking officials, City Administrator King and Mayor Brown were in the news for conspiracy and bribery charges for $25,000 and $2,700 respectively. King has been doing this for over 3 years. Makes you wonder how much Mayor Brown would have gotten away with if this would not have happened early in his career. Maybe that is the reason he ran for office in the first place.

Dick Auckley
St. Peters, MO.


I have some comments on the recent developments in St. Peters. Mayor Shawn Brown ran his campaign on “honesty” and “change”. There certainly was a change; we got a dishonest Mayor who throws his political career away over $2700. That’s about the extent of his tenure. Let’s talk about Tom Brown and the changes that he has made. As a resident of St. Peters for over 25 years, I have seen Tom Brown transform St. Peters into a place where people like to live and work. So many good businesses have opened up in St. Peters, allowing people to work in their town without having to drive miles from home. This is in addition to bringing us the Rec-Plex, a great family venue which brought St. Peters worldwide attention in 1994 when we hosted the Olympic Festival. This is the kind of change and attention St. Peters wants, Mayor Shawn Brown, not negative attention like bribery charges and constant fighting with the board of Aldermen.

Lela Baird
St. Peters, MO

Dear Media Editor:

This is a letter to the St. Peters Board of Aldermen: let the impeachment proceedings begin! I think I apeak for most of the citizens of St. Peters when I say we need to get rid of Mayor Shawn Brown. What an embarrassment it has been to watch him on television leaving the Federal Court house on charges of asking for and accepting a bribe! This is the same man who ran a campaign against Tom Brown saying that the board and Mayor should not be so tight and that there should be, some fairness when it comes to getting ordinances passed. Apparently, fairness means not passing something the Board and Citizens want unless you get compensated!

P. Dodson
St. Peters, MO