Saturday, September 16, 2006

October Trial Date Expected For Lawsuit Against Republican State Committee

Former State Representative Tom Green Believes Republican State Committee Lies Cost Him 2004 Election

By Phyllis Schaltenbrand

A lawsuit former Democratic State Representative Tom Green has against the State Republican Committee is expected to go to trial in October. Green is accusing the State Republican Committee of defamation of character and libel.

St. Charles County Circuit Judge Jon Cunningham recently denied a motion by the State Republican Committee for a summary judgment to dismiss the lawsuit. After hearing arguments on the motion Cunningham ruled that there was sufficient evidence against the State Republican Committee for the lawsuit to go to trial.

In the 2004 general election, State Representative Tom Green (D) lost his seat to St. Charles County Council member Sally Faith (R). Green believes “out and out lies” published by the Republican State Committee caused him to loose the election.

In late October of 2004, just before the November general elections, registered voters in Green’s 15th State Representative District received post cards that displayed an Alaskan scene on one side and on the other implied Green had taken a state paid Alaskan vacation.

At that time Green told the First Capitol News, I have never been to Alaska and have never taken a state paid vacation to Alaska. I am amazed at the audacity of the Republican Committee to publish out and out lies in an attempt to give my opponent an advantage. The proper thing for them to do would be for them to send another mailing to the same people who received the first correcting their misinformation and apologizing for misleading the voters.” The First Capitol News was unable to get any comments from Representative Faith. The Republican State Committee has admitted making the mailing but is denying it cost Green the election.

Green told the First Capitol News, “The voters in my district were given lies and misinformation about me and that allowed my Republican opponent to steal the election. This is not fair to the voters.”

When asked if he believed Faith was a participant in the mailing Green said, “We will have to see when she takes the oath and testifies in Court.”

Green also said, “This made up information from the Republican Party broke the trust I had with the voters in my district. They had them believing trumped up lies they were telling about me. I have never been to Alaska much less had the taxpayers of the state pay for such a trip.”

St. Charles County Councilman Joe Brazil has also accused the Republican State Committee of similar tactics against him when he ran against State Senator Rupp in the August Republican primary election.

Residents of Green’s ward told the First Capitol News in addition to the mailing, push polling was also conducted during the Green-Faith primary. They said that they received phone calls telling them bad things about Green they later learned were untrue.

Green, who is challenging Faith in the November general election, is a pro-life candidate. He is also active in St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Catholic Parish. He points to the sound wall along the Page Avenue Expressway, the new Highway 94/70 Interchange and his work for children and senior citizens as some of the highlights of his time in office.

“We are in other countries fighting for truth freedom but in St. Charles County elections are being won on lies. When I was in office the people of the 15th District were well represented,” said Green. Now the representation is being given to St. Charles special interests not the taxpayers.”