Saturday, July 29, 2006

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor


I am writing to correct the information Tony Brockmeyer has received
regarding the alleged embezzling of funds in the St. Chalres City Finance
Department. I know this person was NOT fired from thier job to date and
that the situation has nothing to do with embezzling but rather with more
personal issues with the Director of Finance. This employee did NOT steal
any money and, if there was an issue of theft, the police certainly would
have been contacted immediately. Mr. Brockmeyer should check his facts and
question his sources before writing something damaging about someone, thus
jeopardizing their integrity.
Received by e-mail

We stand by our earlier stories.


I'm curious as to how Mr. Douchant, recent letter writer to editor in P-D,
conducted his own personal survey on (in his words) the "lefty lunatics"
whom he describes as "rarely getting anything right".
Sounds to me as if he has a few prejudice bones in his head
concerning why the bill of rights - Amendments 1-10 - were added to the U.
S. Constitution and perhaps his perceived superiority over said "lunatics"
is exactly why our forefathers felt adding these amendments was so
important. It might behoove some of us spewing self-importance to re-visit
the Amendments and understand why they are so very important to us, aside
from the information given in his diatribe as to the particulars of when it
was adopted and by whom, etc. Perhaps our forefathers had the foresight to
realize there would be those whom might feel themselves superior and
therefore endanger the rights of "all Americans" to freedoms of speech,
freedom of the press, freedom to peaceably assemble and to petition the
government for a redress of grievances. Seemed like a good idea to those
writing the Bill of Rights at the time and in the current atmosphere of
secrecy, re-writing of laws and attempts at changing the U.S. Constitution
in order to remove citizens rights rather than protect them, I'd say it was
and is important to us all to see that those rights are protected now more
than ever. Carrying placards and signs and voicing individuals concerns
about government decisions without the benefit of Congressional approval or
public debate is not only a right but a duty, whether you happen to be a
Constitutional scholar or a layman. It also gives you the right to make
public your opinions no matter how prejudice or one sided those opinions
might be; so embrace them now and fight for them as they become endangered,
lest we become that which we fear the most.
Sandra Vago
10241 Tesson Valley Ct.
St. Louis County (un-incorporated)