Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lane Being Changed at Cave Springs/Truman to Accommodate Storm Sewer Installation

The northbound lane of Cave Springs Road/Truman Boulevard near Highway 370 will be moved on Friday to allow crews to install new storm sewer pipes. The road project is part of Lakeside 370 levee construction.

Northbound traffic will be moved in this area of Cave Springs/Truman so that it passes next to southbound traffic. Currently, northbound and southbound lanes are separated. Signs will be posted to help direct traffic. The speed limit will be 25 mph. Motorists are asked to use caution driving through the construction zone.

Storm sewer installation is expected to last about two weeks. After the storm sewers are installed, pavement will be removed from Cave Springs/Truman to allow for levee construction across the road. The road will be reconstructed over the levee. Motorists can expect periodic lane changes during the project, which is expected to be complete in October.